How to Unlock Regions in TikTok & Remove Countries Restriction

Unlock Regions in TikTok and remove Countries Restrictions in TikTok with the use of TikTok Mod Apk. If you want to remove the restriction of countries and watch other countries’ Videos then you have to install a modded version of TikTok named TikTok Mod Apk.

Unlock Regions In TikTiok

To unlock regions in TikTok, you have to Uninstall the simple version of TikTok and Install TikTok Mod Apk. You can’t do this in the normal Play Store version of TikTok because TikTok restricted it and you can only watch the videos in which country you are. But TikTok Mod is designed to bypass that restriction and you can easily select the Country in which you want to watch their videos.

How it Works

In TikTok you know that a free VPN does not change the location of your TikTok, so for that, you have to buy the Pro version of VPN. But in TikTok Mod Apk you can change it without a VPN and it works like without using any VPN it changes your country location and you can watch your selected country videos. It is better than the VPN because it doesn’t change your IP and you can watch videos as in the normal version of TikTok.

Do I Have To Install An Extra App For Changing Regions?

No, You don’t need any extra app for changing regions. When you install the TikTok Mod version you can go into settings and see there is a Regions option. By just selecting that option you can change country easily.

TikTok Mod Apk

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